Delivering Walking Neighbourhoods

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Walkable Neighbourhoods White Paper

Also known as 20-minute neighbourhoods, 15-minute cities or low traffic neighbourhoods, there is a growing ambition for walkable neighbourhoods and improved local areas from city authorities all over the world. In parallel to this, there is the need to deliver new homes and utilise our disused land stock. With all these challenges facing our communities, how do we work out the way to actually deliver on these concepts?

SiteSolve have developed a case study of 514 sites in North London to analyse their development potential alongside their current accessibility to some of the features of a walkable neighbourhood.

In this case study you will see how to leverage SiteSolve technology to:

  • Identify high potential sites within a portfolio of land parcels
  • Identify areas of investment which have the maximum benefit of for your community
  • Develop long term strategies for your portfolio
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